New Airline Based in the Pilbara Region

Creating Opportunity for the Region

Pilbara Airlines will create substantial economic opportunities, requiring new infrastructure, and creating hundreds of new jobs in diversified industry segments.

Direct flights

Direct flights from the Pilbara region will permit local business owners to develop links with Asia. This new business activity brings the potential to reduce the cost of equipment and machinery parts, and allow businesses to offer a more productive and faster service to clients. Pilbara Airlines will commence flight operations in November 2020 or early 2021, subject to the completion of infrastructure at its base port.

Export opportunities for local businesses

Pilbara Airlines plans to construct large chiller and freezer facilities at the airport. This will permit the development of new agricultural businesses in the region in beef processing, fresh produce and aquaculture farms.


For the first time, the Pilbara region will be able to develop long-term strategic plans for attracting visitors from Asia and beyond. These plans will determine the strategy, jobs, infrastructure and services required to grow tourism on a sustainable and organised growth path.

Workforce and training opportunities for local residents

Pilbara Airlines and its subsidiary companies will create over 150 new positions directly and, indirectly, is expected to create over 800 new positions in the region.

Direct flights and low-cost airfares will permit training opportunities for the local workforce to attend training institutions in Asia as well as Australia.

Educational exchange with schools, colleges and universities

A local airline, providing direct flights, will permit students from the Pilbara region to travel to Asian destinations cheaply and quickly, so they can benefit by learning new languages and experience the culture of other nations.

Sporting competitions and exchanges

A local airline will provide low-cost group travel for sporting groups in the region to visit Perth, as well as other Australian capital cities and Asian countries. This will assist in the liveability of the region.

Investing in the Pilbara’s Future

Pilbara Airlines will make an enormous contribution to the region with the completion of its strategy.

Infrastructure – The airline will construct the following facilities:

Industry diversification offering advanced training and creating highly paid specialist positions

Pilbara Airlines alone will require highly experienced and qualified management and staff, pilots, cabin crew and maintenance engineers for all of its operating positions. Airline employees will be based in the region with their families and become an integral part of the community.

The development of an airline based in the region will encourage the construction of additional housing, accommodation and hotels. This will also require additional tourism businesses to be established and see the creation of export industries related to agriculture and aquaculture.

Pilbara Airlines acknowledges the Traditional Owners of this land, recognising their connection to land, waters & community. We pay our respects to Australia’s First Peoples, and to their Elders, past present and emerging.