Press Release # 08

Issued by Mischka Marshall
Date: 01 / 09 / 19

Mr Paul Carey
Mr Paul Carey

The General Manager of Pilbara Airlines, Mr Ed Turner, announced the appointment of Avtrac Pty Ltd as Fleet Technical Services provider and Mr Paul Francis Carey as Aircraft Review Employee (ARE) and Maintenance Program Approval Employee (MPAE).

Mr Carey is the principle of Avtrac Pty Ltd of Belmont, Perth, Western Australia, and is qualified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority as a maintenance controller, licence aircraft maintenance engineer, a CASA delegate, continuing airworthiness manager and airworthiness review employee.

Mr Carey has held senior maintenance and engineering positions for 20 years, before setting up his own maintenance controller business activity in 1996. Avtrac Pty Ltd now operates on behalf of numerous Australian airline companies.