Press Release # 07

Issued by Mischka Marshall
Date: 01 / 09 / 19

Mr Gareth Turner
Mr Gareth Turner

The General Manager of Pilbara Airlines announced the appointment of Mr Gareth Turner as the company’s Quality and Safety Manager.

Gareth is an approved quality and safety manager by CASA under an international and domestic AOC that Pilbara Airlines recently obtained.

Gareth was formerly Quality and Safety Manager with Air Timor Pty Ltd, which operated Airbus A320 aircraft between Singapore and Timor and has extensive experience as a base manager, ground operations and aviation management.

Holding the position of Manager Singapore with Air Timor, Gareth lived in Singapore from 2009 until 2017, before returning to Australia, and during this time he worked closely with the SIA Group, in the operation of Airbus A320 aircraft.