Press Release # 16

Issued by Mischka Marshall
Date: 7 / 04 / 20

Mr Ed Turner
Mr Ed Turner

The General Manager of Pilbara Airlines Mr Ed Turner announced today that Architects Meyer Shircore of Subiaco have been appointed to carry out the design work for the proposed Infrastructure requirements at Karratha Airport.

Pilbara Airlines proposes to build two Buildings on the northern end of the Airport providing airside access for an Import /Export building containing Chiller and Freezer facilities to export Seafood, Beef and Agricultural produce from the region to Asia and a large Maintenance facility to maintain its jet fleet.

The Aviation Maintenance facility will be the only Jet Maintenance facility between Perth and Darwin and eventually employ over 50 Engineers, Avionics and aircraft specialists when it is fully operational. This facility will have significant defence capability and will be able to handle up to wide body jet aircraft and be available to provide maintenance facilities to other airlines and government agencies if required.

Mr Turner said the demand for produce in Asia existed to create millions of dollars in exports from the Pilbara and Kimberley regions. “If we solve the logistic chain impediments, being systems, facilities and air transport, it will create new Industries, grow existing industries and create hundreds of jobs and valuable long term export revenue for the State,” Mr Turner said.

The Airline was currently negotiating with the City of Karratha to obtain a long term Lease on land at Karratha Airport and would be submitting proposals to the North Australian Infrastructure Fund to assist with finance for these facilities.

Pilbara Airlines was proposing to commence operations from Karratha to Singapore in March 2021 but the COVID 19 virus may defer this start date.