Press Release # 04

Issued by Mischka Marshall
Date: 01 / 07 / 19

Mr Hadyn Siggins
Mr Hadyn Siggins

General Manager of Pilbara Airlines, Ed Turner, announced the appointment of Siggins Aviation Consulting to lead the special project of varying the airline’s AOC to include High Capacity RPT operations using Airbus A320 aircraft over a variety of international routes.

Mr Turner said the principle of the company, Mr Hadyn Siggins, has been instructed to appoint experienced aviation consultants to assist in the AOC variation with the objective of obtaining approval by CASA before October 2020.

Mr Siggins was formerly a senior pilot with local Western Australian airlines before joining CASA as a Flight Operations Inspector, where he spent 10 years until forming his own aviation consultancy company.

Mr Siggins will be bringing a team of highly qualified and experienced aviation consultants with him to complete this task, which will take 12 months to finalise.